Add this beautifully crafted candlestick holders to your bellek collection. This elegant piece is sure to be a talking point no matter what the social situation, making your home truly stand out from the crowd. This pair of 4" Tara Candlesticks are from The Belleek Tara collection which takes part of its inspiration from the intricate Celtic knot found on the Tara brooch. Features the design of the shamrock, a universally recognized symbol of Ireland. Makes the perfect gift for a wedding or house warming.

The Shamrock
The name Shamrock is derived from the Irish "seamrog" meaning "summer plant". It is Ireland's most famous symbol and symbolises the Cross and the Blessed Trinity. Its trefoil shaped leaves meant it was a sacred plant of the ancient Druids of Ireland and of other ancient civilisations around the world. The shamrock is forever connected to the teachings of the Three in One Trinity by St Patrick in the fifth century and his banishment of serpents from Ireland as snakes would never be seen on trefoil. St Patrick used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity to the pagan Irish as he spread Christianity to the country. Today he is the patron Saint of Ireland and his feast day is celebrated worldwide on March the 14th.

About the Makers
When you buy a piece of Belleek China you become the owner of a truly unique piece of Irish craftsmanship. No two pieces are ever the same. Based in County Fermanagh, Ireland, their materials and techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. Every handle, flower and brush stroke is lovingly applied by hand to create the look and feel that is uniquely Belleek. Only Belleek of the highest quality is ever put on sale. When Belleek was established in 1857 the pottery's founder John Caldwell Bloomfield declared that any piece with even the slightest flaw should be destroyed. 151 years later, this golden principle of perfectionism is still strictly adhered to. Made in Ireland and presented in a Belleek Box. This product is shipped directly from Ireland and is made from Parian China and measures approximately 11cm W x 10cm H each

  • Made from Parian China.
  • Each candlestick measures 11cm W x 10cm H each
  • Crafted in Ireland by Belleek.
  • Presented in a gift box.
  • Shipping Cost $6.95 to anywhere in the world
  • Ships within: 3 business days (Allow approx. 5 extra days for USA delivery)
  • Free returns within 60 days.
  • For complete details, read our Shipping and Return policies

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