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Legendary Belleek Pottery

Dating back to 1857, Belleek Pottery holds a special place in the heritage of County Fermanagh. It’s hard not to find a home in Ireland where Belleek china is not present and has been passed down from ancestors.

Combining skilled craftsmanship and exquisite design these vases, teapots, plates, etc hold timeless elegance, making them a perfect gift from Ireland.

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93 Items / per page/

93 Items / per page/

The Rise of Belleek

 When John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited his father’s estate in Belleek, Co Fermanagh, he wanted a way to employ all the tenants who had been badly affected by the Irish famine. After finding out that this land was rich in minerals, suitable for the production of pottery, John started what was to become the renowned Belleek brand.

It was initially just domestic products, then a lot of earthenware utility products were produced during the first and second world wars, since then Belleek has concentrated on producing fine quality, high end China.