Belleek Irish China

Nestled on the banks of the river Erne, in County Fermanagh, Belleek Pottery, established in 1857 is one the oldest working potteries in the world.  Engrained in Irish Heritage, it is hard to find a home in Ireland that does not have an original or unique piece of their fine Parian China. Belleek still uses potting methods passed down from generation to generation.  From teapots and figurines to their occasion pieces, like the stunning nativity set, Belleek remains an Irish treasure. 

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Dating back to 1857, Belleek Pottery holds a special place in Irish heritage. The timeless porcelain pieces have been passed down from ancestors and you’re likely to find a Belleek Irish china ornament in most homes in Ireland.

Combining skilled craftsmanship and exquisite design these Belleek china pieces hold timeless elegance, making them a perfect gift from Ireland. From teapots and vases to specialty pieces like nativity ornaments or blessing plates for the home they make a beautiful gift for any occasion.