Connemara Marble
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Connemara Marble Jewelry 

The quarry at Lissoughter, located in the Connemara Mountains in Co Galway, first opened in the 19th century. Today the marble of Connemara can be found in the world’s great monuments; in the halls of Trinity College Dublin, on the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in Kensington Palace and in some of America’s finest buildings.

For three generations, the Walsh family from Dublin have worked with the beautiful, green marble that is unique to Connemara. Connemara Marble jewelry, accessories and homeware that capture the rare beauty of Western Ireland are crafted from this natural gemstone, including Connemara Marble Rosary Beads, Connemara Marble Rings, Connemara Marble Necklaces and Connemara Marble Earrings.

The marble can vary in color from creamy pale green to shades of sage and moss. No two pieces are the same making this an extremely unique present.