Genesis Irish Sculptures

Genesis produce beautiful handcrafted bronze sculptures that portray famous pieces of Irish history in a beautiful and profound manner. These Genesis Irish sculptures are the perfect collector’s item with most pieces only being produced in limited editions that bear the artist’s signature and has a Certificate of Authenticity. 
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Genesis Cold Cast Bronze

Anthony Collins began creating what would go on to become the renowned Genesis brand at an early age in his garage in Mullingar. Genesis Fine Arts continue to be handcrafted in the town of Mullingar in the heart of the Irish lake lands district of Co. Westmeath, a county steeped in tradition and heritage that inspires these wonderful handcrafted pieces.

Genesis, are continuing a tradition that began in the Bronze Age, two thousand years ago. Their ornaments are hand crafted from Cold Cast Bronze, each piece starting with materials of pulverized bronze metal and barium sulfate which are poured into a mold and put under a lot of pressure which causes a catalytic reaction that fuses the bronze metal powder together.

Reflecting the rich mythology and history of Ireland, these works of art are inspired by Irish legends and culture such as Dublin’s very own Molly Malone, the Children of Lir or the ancient Irish wooden boat, The Curragh