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Louis Mulcahy Pottery

Louis Mulcahy’s vision was to leave a mark in the long term history of Irish pottery. This devotion and talent is truly evident in his work that has become so distinguishable and popular around Ireland.

The Louis Mulcahy brand of pottery has been noted for being strong, durable and distinctly Irish. The intricate designs and calming colours used capture the scenic countryside that surrounds his workshop in Dingle.


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Illustrious Mulcahy Pottery

Louis Mulcahy and his wife Lisbeth have been producing pottery for over 40 years. Originally living in Dublin, they made the risky decision of leaving their jobs and settled lives to pack up and go to Dingle, Co Kerry where they opened a pottery work shop.

Since then their two man work shop has turned into a prosperous trade employing a team of over 40 skilled craftsmen and women from around Ireland.

In 2004, Louis became the first Irish craftsman ever to receive an honorary degree from the national University of Ireland in recognition of his artistry and the prosperity it has brought to his community, together with his support of the local culture, including the endangered Irish language.

Mulcahy pottery is renowned for their rich, lively and lustrous designs, truly evident in the bold vases, bowls and lamps.