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Tara's Diary Irish Jewelry

The range from Tara’s Diary encapsulates the modern sophistication of Irish jewelry design with relics from the past and symbols of Irish culture such as the shamrock, the trinity knot, the Claddagh, the thatched Irish cottage and even the ‘pot of gold’ that Irish leprechauns can lead you to (at the end of a rainbow!).

An Irish Ring to it

The majority of the Tara’s Diary items on are the beautiful, clean-lined ‘stackable’ rings – stunningly simple, modern and eye-catching in their design, these rings attract admiring comments and glances whenever they are worn. Stackable rings are thin bands with a small stone or design that allows multiple rings to be worn at the same time – for instance, stacking three, four or even five different rings for a unique look. Most popular rings include the Tara’s Diary Emerald & Gold Claddagh Stackable Ring (a green emerald stone with a Claddagh dangling from it); the Tara’s Diary Celtic Green Shamrock Stackable Ring; the Tara’s Diary Celtic Gold Plated Cross Stackable Ring (a gold plated cross built into a sterling silver ring); the Tara’s Diary ‘Claddagh for Life’ Stackable Ring (with the words ‘Claddagh for Life’ engraved into the outer side of the ring and a gold Claddagh symbol at the centre).

A Slice of Irish Charm

The Tara’s Diary Sterling Silver (Charm) Bracelet comes with a stopper that is both beautiful and functional, allowing you to add just a few charm beads, or to fill the bracelet up with charms such as the Tara’s Diary Celtic Cross Bead; the Tara’s Diary Map of Ireland Charm; the Tara’s Diary Round Claddagh Bead; the Tara’s Diary Shamrock Green Enamel Bead or the ‘100% Irish (with Irish flag)’ bead.