Irish Made Capes & Shawls

Irish Capes and Shawls have both been part of the Irish fashion culture since the early 1800s.They are still very much evident in our culture today supplying warmth and style with the finest wool and modern looks.Browse through our collection below and find a warm and stylish cape for you.
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9 Item(s) / per page/

The Evolution of the Irish Cape

Worn by one of the best story tellers of her time, famous Irish author Peig Sayers and her contemporaries wore these Irish made capes and shawls for practical reasons. Since then they have evolved in to sophisticated garments worn by fashion icons all over the world.

Here at the Irish Store we have capes available from Carraig Donn, who have been crafting knitwear for generations. Originally founded on the largest Aran Island of Inis Mor, it is now situated on main land Ireland at the foot of Croagh Patrick. Combining the strong Celtic tradition and unique modern styles Carraig Donn captures the true essence of western Ireland. This is seen beautifully in the Irish Patchwork Cowl cape made from Merino Wool. 

Or take a look at capes from the Jimmy Hourihan collection. Hourihan have been based in Dublin for more than 50 years, specialising in luxury fabrics. The cashmere Blend red evening cape is a fine example of this, perfect for the Irish country look.