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Bog Buddies

Bog has been formed over ten thousand years and strongly plays a role in remote Ireland. Every Irish Country person will have memories of turf and the bog whether its ‘footing’, ‘clamping’ and bagging turf, bringing it home on the tractor, or filling up the shed in time for winter.

There is something comforting about the sweet earth smell, the warmth and the smog it leaves outside the house as it pipes through the chimney when the turf fire is burning.

Capture the scenic beauty of the Irish countryside with Bog Buddies. Bog buddies have made a range of fun characters from the turf; including a Map of Ireland, a Shamrock and a New Home. These are a fun and quirky piece of art and a truly meaningful gift for anyone with roots in Ireland.

Wild Goose Studio

Wild Goose Studio has been established in Kinsale, Co Cork, since 1969. Since then they have been producing handmade Irish gifts and Celtic crafts for customers all over the world. These hand crafted pieces have a shell of metal, either bronze or cast iron making them extremely durable.

Take a look at the wide range of Goose Studio art we have in the Irish Store. See the stunning Bronze Newgrange Triple Spiral Paperweight symbolizing the web of life or welcome someone to a new home with the Céad Míle Fáilte Wall Hanging.