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At, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Irish handmade jewelry and we hunt wide and far across the island of Ireland to source the items that we know will be pieces that are treasured forever. So look around and find that very Irish Jewelry.

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44 Item(s) / per page/

44 Item(s) / per page/

We chose Alan Ardiff to be part of our jewelry range as we fell in love with his truly unique, kinetic jewelry; items such as the Alan Ardiff Key to My Heart Pendant (comprising a lock and a small silver key that moves). For the most unique and sought-after wedding bands, we stock a stunning range from Boru, such as the Boru 10K Gold Claddagh Gents Wedding Band (also available for ladies) or the Boru Celtic Warrior Wedding Band. For Gaelic (Irish language) lovers, we stock range of wedding bands including the Boru Gra go Deo (Love Forever) Ladies (or Gents) Wedding Band or the Boru Ogham Mo Anam Cara (My Soulmate) Pendant in 18K Gold – Ogham is an ancient style of Irish writing using lines to depict words.

For a gift that shows you care about their Irish heritage, how about a Sterling Silver Personalised Family Coat of Arms Pendant or Ring? Not only is it something that they’ll treasure forever, but it’s a public display of pride that they wear their family coat of arms every day for which you, the gift giver, will always be remembered and thanked for.