Irish Jewelry Pendants


Irish Pendants & Necklaces

We have a wide range of Trinity Knot Celtic pendants and Necklaces, also known as the Triquetra. Within the intricate curving lines of the Trinity Knot, faith in God is illustrated, as the three points symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Have a look at our strikingly beautiful Trinity Knot Pendants and Neclaces from top Irish brand like Solvar. Pieces of jewelry that will be passed down through the generations. 

We also have a range of Shamrock jewelry. Associated very closely to Saint Patrick, the Shamrock is also said to symbolize the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We have the beautiful Irish Rose of Tralee Shamrock Pendant from the Newbridge Silverware Rose Collection. Or for a truly authentic piece of Irish Jewelry our Sterling Silver Green Irish Shamrock Pendant