Irish Fisherman Sweaters

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  1. The Dereen Aran Sweater
    The Dereen Aran Sweater
    Was $189.95 Now $104.95
  2. McConnell Breton Stripe Sweater
    McConnell Breton Stripe Sweater
  3. The Horseshoe Cable Aran Sweater
    The Horseshoe Cable Aran Sweater
  4. The Belvedere Troyer Aran Sweater
    The Belvedere Troyer Aran Sweater
  5. McConnell Barleycove Aran Sweater
    McConnell Barleycove Aran Sweater
    Was $239.95 Now $239.95
  6. McConnell Mizen Aran Sweater
    McConnell Mizen Aran Sweater
  7. McConnell Skibereeen Sweater
    McConnell Skibereeen Sweater
  8. McConnell Shangarry Aran Sweater
    McConnell Shangarry Aran Sweater
    Was $239.95 Now $144.95
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Irish Fisherman Sweaters For Men & Women

Discover our premium collection of authentic Aran Fisherman sweaters for both men and women. Designed initially as practical garments to protect Irish fishermen at sea, these sweaters have now become a timeless fashion statement. .

Explore our range of men's fisherman knit sweaters, or take a look at our stylish women's Aran sweater collection, which includes cozy traditional sweaters in a variety of great colors and also V-Neck or Turtleneck styles that are perfect for winter warmth. Our fisherman knit sweaters are versatile and suitable for any wardrobe.

Premium Quality Hand-Knit Fisherman Sweaters

We offer a premium selection of hand-knit Irish fisherman sweaters >that are works of art. Crafted from pure new wool by skilled artisans in County Donegal, these sweaters boast a level of quality that is simply unmatched.

If you're looking to elevate your style and showcase your appreciation for traditional Irish craftsmanship, then we invite you to explore our hand-knit fisherman sweater collection. Shop now and experience the comfort and style of these stunning sweaters today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Irish Fisherman Sweaters

What is a Fisherman Sweater?

Fisherman sweaters are the original Aran sweater which was made for the fishermen on the Aran Islands in County Galway. 

What is the history of the fisherman sweater?

Irish Fisherman sweaters were handmade by the wives and daughters of the fishermen on Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer which are all part of the Aran islands off the West Coast of Ireland. They were made from untreated wool which was waterproof and gave much-needed protection to the fishermen from the harsh weather conditions from the wild Atlantic.

Are fisherman sweaters itchy?

This is a common question we get asked a lot. None of our fisherman sweaters or Aran sweaters are itchy as they are made with merino wool which is soft. As the fibres of wool are quite fine and smaller in size than other wool. As the wool is quite flexible this allows wool to move better and fit the body which stops any itchiness.

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