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  1. Men's Peaky Blinders Cap
    Men's Peaky Blinders Cap
  2. Boys Aran Sweater
    Boys Aran Sweater
  3. Irish Tweed Driving Cap
    Irish Tweed Driving Cap
  4. Irish Woven Skellig Scarf
    Irish Woven Skellig Scarf
    Was $69.95 Now $34.95
  5. Kerry Wax Irish Flat Cap
    Kerry Wax Irish Flat Cap
  6. Womens Donegal Fleck Sweater
    Womens Donegal Fleck Sweater
  7. Mens Alpaca Islander Scarf
    Mens Alpaca Islander Scarf
  8. Blue Gray Check Irish Flat Cap
    Blue Gray Check Irish Flat Cap
  9. The Shannon Aran Zipper Coat
    The Shannon Aran Zipper Coat
    Was $179.95 Now $134.95
  10. Mucros Torc Tweed Coat
    Mucros Torc Tweed Coat
    Was $309.95 Now $219.95
  11. Girls A-Line Aran Sweater
    Girls A-Line Aran Sweater
    Was $74.95 Now $59.95
  12. Charcoal Trinity Cap
    Charcoal Trinity Cap
  13. The Killybegs Half-Zip Sweater
    The Killybegs Half-Zip Sweater
  14. Fiona Tweed Bag
    Fiona Tweed Bag
  15. Men's Trellis Aran Sweater
    Men's Trellis Aran Sweater
  16. Women's Donegal Fleck Sweater
    Women's Donegal Fleck Sweater
  17. Trinity Tweed Irish Flat Cap
    Trinity Tweed Irish Flat Cap
  18. Mucros Irish Wool Half Zip Poncho
    Mucros Irish Wool Half Zip Poncho
    Was $229.95 Now $139.95
  19. Black Irish Flat Cap
    Black Irish Flat Cap
  20. The Tara V-Neck Aran Sweater
    The Tara V-Neck Aran Sweater
    Was $199.95 Now $149.95
  21. Gray/Brown Irish Flat Cap
    Gray/Brown Irish Flat Cap
  22. Mucros Donegal Striped Scarf
    Mucros Donegal Striped Scarf
  23. The Keem Aran Sweater
    The Keem Aran Sweater
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At the Irish Store, we have scoured the country to bring you the best of Irish knitwear, including stunning women's Aran sweaters and men’s Aran sweaters. We also carry Irish Sweaters for Kids, as well as quality-crafted fisherman sweaters and donegal sweaters. Our extensive range of authentic Irish wool sweaters will surely keep you warm on those cold winter days.

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The iconic Irish sweater, also referred to as the Aran sweater, takes its name from the trio of islands of the same name; Inishmore, Inishmann and Inisheer, just off the coast of County Galway, Ireland.

Throughout the 1930s and 40s, they gained popularity around the world. When Grace Kelly appeared in an Aran sweater on the cover of Vogue in the 1950s, this humble Irish sweater was catapulted to iconic status, cementing its reputation as an Irish design classic. Today it remains a fashionable staple and has become an iconic knitwear style. These are popular with men and women around the world due to their unique textures. Aran sweaters have stood the test of time and will continue, so don't miss out and order yours today!

Irish Wool is renowned for its durability, warmth, and comfort, making it ideal for fall and winter fashion and weather conditions. Each sweater is expertly crafted with the finest wool yarns to ensure you get the highest quality!

Frequently Asked Questions About Aran Sweaters

What are Aran sweaters?

Every stitch on an Irish Aran sweater tells a story, rich in symbolism and island folklore. The classic Diamond stitch, one of the most popular stitches on the original hand-knit Irish sweaters, wishes the wearer wealth and success, while the much-loved honeycomb stitch is said to bring good fortune. All Aran knit sweaters usually have between four and six stitch patterns in vertical columns, with one of these patterns taking prominence in the centre of the Aran sweater.

What is the history of Aran sweaters?

Born out of necessity, they were the original fisherman sweater, giving much-needed protection from the unforgiving wild Atlantic Ocean which surrounds the Aran Islands. The first Aran sweater was made using unwashed báinín (bain meaning white in Irish) which is yarn from sheep's wool. The natural lanolin in the yarn made the sweaters waterproof.

Are Aran Sweaters/Irish Sweaters hand knitted?

We have a beautiful selection of hand-knitted Irish Aran sweaters, each handcrafted by some of the most talented knitters in Ireland. You can check out our Women's Aran sweaters here or Mens Aran Sweaters here to see all of the colours and styles we offer.

Are Aran sweaters good quality?

The majority of our sweaters are made with merino wool which makes our sweaters durable, breathable, and soft in texture while still keeping you warm. This wool produces the finest of sweaters, which gives you the highest quality and lasts longer than synthetic fibres.

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