Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Order tracking - how and when can I track?

Please ensure you check your product(s) page in the tab called "Shipping & Free Returns" for the estimated shipping time before you track your order. Your order cannot be tracked before this time. Your order will be delivered within the time frame specified in your product information. You will receive an email confirmation when your order ships and your order can be tracked within 24hrs of receiving this email.

Q: How long does my product take to get to me?

Delivery times will vary based on product selected, so please check your individual product page for details. Shipping and estimated delivery time always relate to business days. Business days are Monday - Friday and exclude all Irish Holidays and Good Friday. The average delivery time is 5-9 business days to the USA

Q: How much is delivery?

Standard worldwide delivery via post is just $9.95 per order, regardless of how many items! Express delivery via DHL Express is $24.95 per order, regardless of how many items.

Q: Can I change my order or details on my order?

Unfortunately not. Once your order has been submitted, the information will be sent directly to our warehouse for processing. After submitting, we are unable to change any part of your order, including shipping details, shipping method, personalisation, or order contents. We cannot alter or change the contents of an order, including changing a garment size or color. If you wish to make an alteration, we will need to cancel and refund your order, and you can then place a new order.

Q: How do I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we're unable to cancel or change any part of your order once placed, including the delivery address and order contents.

Q: Can I add something to my order?

We are unable to add another item to an order that has already been submitted. Once an order has been submitted, the information will be sent directly to our warehouse for processing.

Q: Can I pay extra to get my personalized item quicker than the time it states online?

Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up made-to-order items in most cases. Personalized items such as jewelry boxes, engraved glasses, cufflinks and pocket watches are specially made to order, and have a longer shipping time, which is stated on the product page under the “shipping and free returns” tab. Your order will be shipped as soon as the item is ready. Please note, express shipping applies to the shipping method once the item has left our warehouse, and will not speed up the time it takes to have the product delivered from our supplier.

Q: What countries can you ship to?

Due to some countries' customs regulations which are beyond our control, there are certain countries we cannot deliver to. If your desired country does not appear in the drop-down menu, then delivery to this country is restricted.

Q: How can I wash my sweater?

The golden rule is to wash your garment as seldom as possible and air frequently. We call this ‘wind-washing’. Hang your garment out in the air and you will be amazed at how fresh it becomes. Never machine wash; they should be washed by hand using wool washing detergent and in cool water below 30 degrees Celsius. Always dry your jumper flat and never put it in a tumble dryer.

Q: How can I clean my Jewelry?

A gentle clean with a soft 100% cotton cloth is ideal for maintaining your jewelry’s shine and a jewelry cloth can be picked up easily at most jewelry stores. For a more thorough clean, get a small bowl, pour in hot water, some gentle soap and stir. Place your jewelry in the solution for 1 minute, rinse with clean water, then polish with a soft 100% cotton cloth and pat completely dry.

For the best care, store your jewelry in the bag or the box it came in when not being worn to minimize tarnish. Also try not to wear your jewelry in the shower or pool as chlorine will tarnish it and apply any perfume, body lotions or creams and let them dry before you put on your jewelry.

Q: Size Guides- How do I know what size to choose - Knits

The nature of our hand finished and hand knit production means that each style will vary.

Please click here for our size guide that has the size conversions so that you can choose a size that fits you best.
Please note the sizes listed are approximate and are used as guidance only. Wool is a natural fiber and therefore has a degree of flexibility.

Our knit garments are predominately worn as outerwear and our sizing reflects this. Our inch measurements are calculated as the total circumference of the body.

Our children's sizing falls into two categories: Babies and Kids. There is Small, Medium and Large sizing in both categories, the measurements for each category are specified below.

Q: Size Guides- How do I know what size to choose - Rings

If you do not know your ring size we recommend getting sized at your local jewelry store.

Q: Chain lengths for pendants. Can you buy separately?

The majority of the chains that come with our pendants are 18” in length but each individual pendant on the site should list the length of the chain. If it doesn’t, feel free to contact us to find out more information. Unfortunately, we do not sell chains separately to pendants.

Q: Promo code information

Promotion codes must be entered on the payment page and cannot be applied after an order is submitted. Promotion codes are 1 per transaction. If you have an issue with using your promotion code, verify the following:

• Promotion code has not expired
• Promotion code was entered correctly
• The items in your order qualify per the promotion details

Q: Where are you based?

We are based in Dublin, Ireland

Q: How do I unsubscribe from email newsletters and catalogs?

We provide links to unsubscribe at the bottom of each email we send you. If you have recently unsubscribed and are still receiving emails:

• Please be sure to allow up to one week for the emails to stop.
• If it has been longer than one week since your unsubscribe request, please forward a copy of the email you received to or contact us via chat.

Q: Toll-Free from USA and CA and opening hours?

Our toll-free number for USA and CA customers is open until 7.30pm EST. Please call 1800 707 5037

Q: What is the returns policy?

We hope you will be pleased with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, we'll be happy to offer you a refund or exchange on merchandise that is returned in its original condition within 90 days of receipt. The only exception to this is personalized products, perishable items product or earrings (unless they are faulty).

For our customers, we offer a FREE RETURNS GUARANTEE, as we have a returns agent in the USA and in Ireland. Our customer service team will advise you on the steps needed to process your return.

If the item is damaged or defective, please call or email us immediately for instructions.

Q: How long does the return take?

Depending on the country you reside in, our returns timeframes will differ. Returns can have a processing time of up to 14 business days from receipt to our warehouse.

Q: I no longer have my paperwork or returns form?

You are not alone! Many customers throw away their paperwork!

We are not able to send out new returns paperwork but if you no longer have yours don’t worry. Please click here and you can create a new form and returns label. 

You do not need to call us to let us know that you are returning something unless the item is incorrect or has a fault. 

Please ensure you have purchased with us before making a return. Parcels returned to us in error will not be processed!

Q: Delayed / Lost Parcels and also customs issues

We always strive to deliver our parcels within the timeframe listed on the website but if there is a delay with your parcel we will do our best to inform you and keep you updated on the progress of your order.

In the case of a lost parcel, we will always be more than happy to arrange for a replacement to be sent after the consignee has first checked with the carrier to see if they are able to provide any more information on the missing item(s).

All delivery lead times are pending customs therefore if customs wish to hold a parcel for inspection it can cause a delay and cannot be held responsible and delivery costs will still apply.

Q: What happens if I don't receive my order when I expect to?

Firstly, this is most unusual and we sincerely apologize if we have let you down in this manner. The vast majority of orders reach our customers more quickly than expected, but if your parcel doesn't arrive in the timescale promised, you can always email us by clicking on the 'Email Us' link above. If there is a delay with your parcel we will do our best to inform you and keep you updated on the progress of your order.

We will investigate with the delivery company straight away and have another parcel sent out to you if we need to.

Q: What if my product is faulty?

We are truly sorry if this is the case. We will need to investigate this immediately so please get in touch with us directly.

Provided the item is still within our six month guarantee period, we will have a replacement checked and sent out to you as quickly as possible.
If you have had the product for more than six months and feel that it has developed a fault that you would not normally expect, please get in touch with us before you send it back and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

Q: Product Dimensions

Where available, product dimensions and measurements, including chain lengths and garment size specifications are listed on the product page. If the dimensions are not listed, please send an email to with the product name and item number.

Q: Do the sweaters come in larger than XXL?

At the moment we do not sell sweaters in a size larger than XXL unfortunately.

Q: How do I get rid of the sheep smell from my jumper?

Our jumpers are made from natural wool and therefore some may get a ‘sheep’ like smell. The best method to get rid of this smell is to hang the jumper on a clothes line outside. Another suggestion is to line your drawers with scented sheets. If you feel that you need to wash your sweater, soak it in a cold hand wash liquid/powder for 3-5 minutes. Gently squeeze excess water off. Never wring, twist or rub. To dry, roll the jumper in a towel to get rid of excess water. Pull into shape and dry flat.

Q: How to stop moths from destroying my sweater?

Check your garments occasionally to make sure that you don’t have a moth or moisture problem. With proper care, wool can be a durable and long lasting fiber. Always care for your garment following the instructions on the care label. Perspiration and food stains attract moths. Brushing your jumper with a wool brush can loosen eggs, and simply popping your jumper into the freezer before you store it will kill them. Another tip is to store your sweater in a sealed clean plastic bag. This will prevent moths from attacking it. Be very careful if using moth balls and crystals as they may be harmful to children and pets.

Q: What do the different stitches of the Aran sweater mean?

Every stitch has its own significance and meaning. First worn by fishermen for heat and protection against the wild Atlantic, the meanings of the stitches were influenced by the daily lives of the Aran Island fisherfolk and their surrounding landscape. Below are the meanings of some of the most popular stitches found in your Aran sweater.

• Cable stitch: A representation of the fisherman’s ropes symbolizing wishes for a plentiful catch at sea.
• Zigzag stitch: Symbolizes the twisting island cliff paths leading to the sea and the ups and downs of married life!
• Diamond Stitch: A representation of the patchwork of farmers fields, symbolizing wishes for wealth and success.
• Trellis stitch: Representing the stone walled fields and said to provide protection
• Blackberry Stitch: Symbolizing the fruits of nature and its beauty.
• Moss stitch: Representing the Carrigeen moss seaweed found on the islands’ Atlantic coast and used as a fertilizer for the farmer's fields. Symbolizing hopes for a bountiful harvest.
• Honeycomb stitch: A tribute to the hardworking honeybee, and symbol of luck and good fortune

Q: Will I be charged a transaction fee?

Any credit/debit card issuer may choose to charge customers a transaction fee for purchases made in a currency that is not their own.

Our website processes all transactions in USD. Depending on your location and on your card provider, card issuers may charge an extra fee as a foreign transaction fee.

Please note: this charge is implemented & controlled by your card issuer and is beyond our control.

We regret that this charge is beyond our control and we cannot offer refunds for these transaction fees.

Q: Will I be charged VAT?

If you are within the European Union and place your order for delivery within the European Union then, yes. Otherwise, no.

This is charged at the prevailing rate for the member state.

Q: I haven't received a confirmation email or my tracking number, where is it?

Sometimes emails sent to our customers will go into their Spam or Junk Mail. Once you place your order, be certain to monitor your Spam or Junk Mail folders for updates.

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