Newgrange Triple Spiral Bronze Paperweight

Wild Goose

A great Irish gift, this triple spiral paperweight is inspired by a carving at the great pre-historic centre at Newgrange. This piece is a decorative carving which has no beginning and no end, symbolising the web of life. Handcrafted and finished in a coating of pure bronze. 


Newgrange is a prehistoric monument located in County Meath, Ireland, roughly one kilometre north of the River Boyne. This holy place is one of the oldest built structures in the world. Once known as Sí An Bhrú, Newgrange is believed to have been built some 5,300 years ago, during the Neolithic period (around 3200 BC), making it older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids. 

About the Makers

The Wild Goose Studio in Kinsale Co. Cork Ireland has been designing and making gifts to inspire the imagination since 1969. Together with leading Irish artists, it has created a unique range of artefacts which combine heritage with the contemporary Inspired by myths, legends and history, all our pieces are handmade by skilled craft- workers and finished in a coating of pure bronze.

 Measures Approx: 2 inches.

  • Handcrafted in Co. Cork, Ireland
  • Inspired by Newgrange
  • Measures approx: 2"
  • Finished in a coating of pure bronze

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