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Irish Claddagh Jewelry & Rings





The Claddagh design, believed to have been originally designed by an Irish man, Richard Joyce, in the early 16th century, is now well recognised across the world as the Irish symbol of love and friendship. The design shows a heart being encircled by a pair of hands with a crown about the heart – the hands symbolise friendship; the crown, loyalty and the heart, love. We have a wonderful selection of Claddagh rings, pendants, earrings (available in gold or silver), bracelets and cufflinks to be worn with pride, as a sign of Irish heritage or a love for the Irish tradition.

Rings with a Difference

Claddagh rings are the most popular Irish Claddagh jewelry pieces - worn either on the right hand (with the heart turned inwards to denote ‘attached’ or outwards to denote ‘available’) or on the left hand to symbolise that the wearer is happily married. We have a range of stunning Irish Claddagh rings to suit almost any budget, from the Sterling Silver Ladies Heavy Claddagh Ring right, the Tara’s Diary Gold Plated ‘Claddagh for Life’ Stackable Ring, or the Unisex Silver & gold Claddagh Ring, right up to the 10 Carat Gold Maids Claddagh Ring or the Boru 10 Carat Gold Claddagh Ring with Emerald Stone (set into the heart) or the Boru 10 Carat Gold (or Silver) Ladies Claddagh Heart – Trinity Knot Shank (instead of hands holding the heart) .

From the Heart

Buying a beautiful Claddagh Pendant, either for yourself or as a gift for someone special, means you will have something precious that you can hang around your neck, symbolising not just love and friendship, but also a love of the Irish tradition and Irish design. We have the Tara’s Diary Round Claddagh Bead (to hang on any pendant), the Boru Sterling Silver Heart Shamrock & Claddagh Pendant (with two Irish symbols in one), the 10 Carat Gold Claddagh Pendant or, if budget allows, a real treat is the 10 Carat Claddagh Pendant with Agate & Cubic Zirconia.