Women's Aran Sweaters

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  1. Womens Traditional Aran Sweater
    Women's Traditional Aran Sweater
    88.271844660194% of 100
    Was $139.95 Now $64.95
  2. Hooded Aran Zipper Coat
    Hooded Aran Zipper Coat
    94.348178137652% of 100
    Was $149.95 Now $94.95
  3. Women's Charcoal Blasket Honeycomb Stitch Aran Sweater
    Donegal Merino Blasket Honeycomb Stitch Aran Sweater
    91.079812206573% of 100
    Was $139.95 Now $89.95
  4. Lismore Sky Aran Tunic Sweater
    The Lismore Aran Tunic Sweater
    88.951048951049% of 100
    Was $99.95 Now $69.95
  5. Charcoal Womens Fisherman Turtleneck Sweater
    Women's Fisherman Turtleneck Sweater
    91.785714285714% of 100
    Was $99.95 Now $69.95
  6. Ladies Aran Boyfriend Cardigan Cream
    Ladies Aran Boyfriend Cardigan
    94.714104193138% of 100
    Was $124.95 Now $64.95
  7. Lightweight Crew Neck Aran Sweater
    Lightweight Crew Neck Aran Sweater
    89.787234042553% of 100
    Was $119.95 Now $59.95
  8. Glenmore Charcoal Aran Dress
    The Glenmore Aran Dress
    91.009174311927% of 100
    Was $129.95 Now $89.95
  9. The Ardara Cable Donegal Sweater
    The Ardara Cable Donegal Sweater
    91.555555555556% of 100
    Was $129.95 Now $99.95
  10. Lough Ree Aran Zipper Cardigan
    The Lough Ree Aran Zipper Cardigan
    87.323943661972% of 100
    Was $129.95 Now $94.95
  11. Purple Kilfane Waterfall Cardigan
    The Kilfane Waterfall Cardigan
    92.2% of 100
    Was $149.95 Now $114.95
  12. Womens Glengarriff Green Aran Sweater
    Womens Glengarriff Aran Sweater
    90.555555555556% of 100
    Was $119.95 Now $89.95
  13. The Glendalough Aran Sweater
    The Glendalough Aran Sweater
    80% of 100
  14. Women's Kilkenny Tundra Aran Hooded Cardigan
    Women's Kilkenny Aran Hooded Cardigan
    95.51724137931% of 100
    Was $139.95 Now $119.95
  15. Ladies Doolin Aran Sweater
    Ladies Doolin Aran Sweater
    95% of 100
    Was $99.95 Now $59.95
  16. stylish one button aran coat for ladies
    Ladies One Button Aran Coat
    93.790322580645% of 100
    Was $179.95 Now $99.95
  17. Sheelin Orange Aran Cable Sweater
    Women's Sheelin Aran Cable Sweater
    85% of 100
    Was $99.95 Now $84.95
  18. Ladies Glenveagh  Cream Aran Zip Cardigan
    Ladies Glenveagh Aran Zip Cardigan
    93.956834532374% of 100
    Was $129.95 Now $99.95
  19. Women's Army Green Claddagh Aran Zipper Coat
    Women's Claddagh Aran Zipper Coat
    96.875% of 100
  20. The Gweebarra Aran Hooded Cardigan
    The Gweebarra Aran Hooded Cardigan
    81.666666666667% of 100
    Was $139.95 Now $119.95
  21. The Skellig Aran Dress
    The Skellig Aran Dress
    92.71186440678% of 100
    Was $129.95 Now $79.95
  22. Inishowen Aran Dress from Ireland
    The Inishowen Aran Dress
    90.769230769231% of 100
    Was $99.95 Now $84.95
  23. The Daryl K Aran Sweater
    The Daryl K Aran Sweater
    Was $129.95 Now $109.95
  24. Women's Inishmore Aran Zipper Coat
    Women's Inishmore Aran Zipper Coat
    85.161290322581% of 100
    Was $139.95 Now $114.95
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Women's Aran Sweaters - Irish Sweaters Collection

We've searched far and wide to bring you the very best Irish sweaters for women. Our exciting range has something to suit every taste; from classic crew necks to stylish Aran cardigans for women.

Each one is beautifully crafted using only the finest yarns to produce easy to wear merino wool sweaters as well as pieces in pure wool and cashmere blends.

Premium Quality Irish Wool Sweaters For Women

So, whether you're cozying up for winter or looking for the perfect Irish gift, you're sure to find it in our stunning collection of womens Irish wool sweaters.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Women’s Aran Sweaters

Are women’s Aran Sweaters Fashionable?

Our women’s Aran sweaters are the must-have statement piece for any wardrobe. Delivered to you directly from Ireland. They feature all the much-loved traditional stitches such as cable, diamond, honeycomb. The stitches themselves are steeped in Arab Island folklore. 

What is the story behind the Aran sweaters and fisherman sweaters?

Women’s Aran sweaters and womens fisherman sweaters originated from the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland. The women who lived on the Aran islands, hand-knit Irish sweaters to keep fishermen warm during the winter months. 

Shop our premium collection of Irish sweaters for women now!

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