What does Siopa mean?

“The Irish Store” is the Irish word for “Shop” and is pronounced “shu-pa.”

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I have added a few popular Irish words below for your interest. I hope you enjoy your visit!


Fáilte - The word (pronounced "fall-sha") means "welcome" and is used as a greeting or to denote tourism activities - the Irish tourism industry uses the moniker "Fáilte Ireland". The very popular phrase céad mile fáilte ("kad meel-a fall-sha") translates as "a hundred thousand welcomes".

Áth Cliath - Pronounced "ah cli-a" and literally translated "ford of the hurdles" - the alternative name of Dublin (both names are Irish). Used on road signs, bus destination boards and similar. The preface baile (pronounced "bal-a") simply means "town", thus “Baile átha cliath” is the City of Dublin as opposed to the county.

Sláinte - Pronounced "slaan-sha" this literally translates as "health". It is used as a short toast between drinking companions, standing in for the more time-consuming "I drink to your health!"

Slán - Again the meaning is literally "healthy" or "safe", but this form (pronounced "slaan") is used to wish a safe journey and healthy return. The extended slán abhaile ("slaan aval") is used by the host and means "safe homewards".

Craic Agus Ceol - Pronounced "crack agus col" (with a drawn-out o) this means "crack and music" and is the usual description of Irish nightlife. The word craic is not Irish - the English "crack" was simply re-written in an Irish form. The original meaning is "fun".