Mens Claddagh Rings

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Mens Claddagh Rings

Here at The Irish Store, we have a fine collection of men’s Claddagh rings. Legend has it that the original creator of the Claddagh ring, an Irish silversmith by the name of Richard Joyce, was enslaved in North Africa in the 17th century and spent 14 years in captivity.

Here, he honed his craft and created the very first Claddagh ring for his sweetheart in the tiny fishing village of the same name in Galway.

Upon his release, he returned to Ireland and presented her with this token of his affection. "With these hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my loyalty".

This heartfelt message of love, loyalty and friendship remains as potent as ever today and all our mens Claddagh rings are crafted in Ireland and hallmarked at Dublin Castle.

As well as our collection of sterling silver Claddagh rings, we also have a stunning mens gold Claddagh ring, crafted from precious 10-carat gold in exquisite detail.

The Claddagh is also a favourite design for wedding bands. If you’re looking for the perfect mens Claddagh wedding ring then look no further than our fine selection.


Do men wear Claddagh rings

While many women wear Claddagh rings, men’s Claddagh rings are very popular as they are a very symbolic piece of jewelry, whether it is for marriage or to show their appreciation for their Irish heritage. Many famous Irish men have shown their love for Claddagh rings such as Colin Farrell, Daniel Day Lewis and Gabriel Byrne.

How to wear a Claddagh ring?

Men wear Claddagh rings in a variety of ways, but if they are dating, the ring must be worn on the right hand with the heart facing outwards. If you're in love, your ring should be worn on your right hand, with the heart facing inwards. The ring is transferred to the left hand after marriage, with the heart pointing inwards as a symbol of commitment and love.

What is the story behind Irish Claddagh rings?

The Claddagh ring has a highly romantic backstory. In the 17th century, Richard Joyce was enslaved in North Africa for 14 years, during which time he created a Claddagh ring for his sweetheart who stayed in Ireland. He gave her this ring once he was freed from slavery. It's a lovely message of love, friendship, and loyalty.

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