Framed Irish Bog Buddies Bog Shaped Godmother

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This "Godmother and Godchild" piece is hand-made from real Irish bog, a comes complete with a 7x7" wooden frame. Irish bog has formed over thousands of years and reflects Irelands distant past; covered in dense forests, and lucious undergrowth. Over centuries, layers of vegetation were laid down in special water logged environments forming what today is the unique & precious landscape of the Irish raised bog. A great unique Irish gift for a special Godmother.

Ogham Ancient Irish Writing
Throughout Ireland, the Celts crafted these magnificent symbols into stone. Celtic Crosses predate Christianity and were first used by pagans to worship the sun. In pagan times, the circle in the centre of the celtic cross represented the sun, being the centre of their lives.

  • Authentically Irish
  • Made to Order with Real Irish Bog from the midlands of Ireland
  • Personalised option also available for that personal touch
  • Presented in a 7x7" wooden frame
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