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  1. Sterling Silver & 10ct Gold Claddagh Ring
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    Was $189.95 Now $159.95
  2. Sterling Silver Ladies Claddagh Wedding Band
    100% of 100
  3. Sterling Silver Gents Claddagh Ring
    100% of 100
  4. 14K Gold Corrib Claddagh 3 Stone 1.00 Diamond Ring
  5. Ladies 14K Gold Corrib Claddagh Band
  6. Ladies 14K Gold Corrib Claddagh PAVE Ring
  7. Sterling Silver Marcasite Claddagh Ring
  8. Sterling Silver & 10K Gold Celtic Claddagh Ladies Band
  9. 10K Gold Celtic Claddagh Ring With Real Agate
  10. Sterling Silver & Gold Ladies Claddagh of Ireland Wedding Band
  11. 14K Gold Corrib Claddagh 0.5 Diamond Ring
  12. 14K Gold Corrib Claddagh 0.25 Diamond Ring
  13. Gents 10K Gold Heavy Claddagh Ring
  14. 10K Gold Claddagh Gents Wedding Band
    Was $987.95 Now $829.95
  15. Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Ring
    100% of 100
  16. Sterling Silver Celtic Irish Claddagh Band
  17. Irish Claddagh Birthstone Ring -  November
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    Was $59.95 Now $54.95
  18. Irish Claddagh Birthstone Ring - January
    Was $59.95 Now $54.95
  19. Ladies 14K Gold Corrib Claddagh Wedding Band
  20. Gents 14K Gold Corrib Claddagh Wedding Band
  21. Silver & 10ct Gold Celtic Knot & Claddagh Ring
  22. Silver 10ct Gold Claddagh Faith Band
  23. 14K Diamond Claddagh & Emerald Heart Engagement Ring
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Irish Claddagh Rings

Legend has it that the original creator of the Claddagh ring, an Irish silversmith by the name of Richard Joyce, was enslaved in North Africa in the 17th century and spent 14 years in captivity. Upon his release, he returned to the tiny Galway fishing village where his sweetheart was waiting and presented her with the very first Irish Claddagh ring. Its heartfelt message of Love, Loyalty and Friendship remains as potent as ever today and we have gathered a stunning collection of Irish Claddagh rings for men and women, all for your perusal, a gift to be cherished and the ultimate token of Irish love. Feast your eyes on the beautiful craftsmanship of our silver Claddagh rings with sparkling birthstones and rich Connemara Marble, or browse our range of gold Claddagh rings, hallmarked at Dublin Castle and featuring emerald hearts and diamond insets. "With these hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my loyalty." 

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