Story: Aran Sweaters

3 things you need to know about the Aran Sweater
There’s no better way to stay cozy and look stylish than in a classic Aran sweater. Its iconic status is undeniable so it’s not surprising that Aran sweaters continue to remain our top sellers here at The Irish Store. The Aran sweater takes its name from the trio of islands on the west of Ireland just off the coast of County Galway. The islander women knitted the first Aran sweaters as a protective layer for the islander fishermen and farmers. Here’s some interesting facts about one of Ireland’s most famous exports.
1. The Original Fisherman’s Sweater

The first Aran sweaters were made for fishermen but did you know that they were actually waterproof! The original yarn was unscoured. Unscoured wool retains its natural lanolin making it water resistant. Perfect for braving the harsh conditions of the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean and a far cry from the soft merino and pure wool yarns that are used today.
2. Every Stitch Tells a Tale

There is more meaning hidden in the Aran sweater than you might think! Each stitch pattern has its own symbolism and significance;
Honeycomb: The symbol of the hard-working bee. Industry and efficiency were important values for the Islanders.
Cable: A tribute to the fisherman’s ropes. A prayer for safety and good luck while fishing.
Diamond: Wishes the wearer health and success
Basket: A symbol of the fisherman’s basket representing the hope of a plentiful catch.
3. Where can you find the Perfect Aran Sweater?

Well that’s easy-The Irish Store of course! Check out our all-time bestselling 5 star favorites below
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