Women's Aran Cardigans

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  1. Women's Streedagh Aran Gilet
    Women's Streedagh Aran Gilet
  2. Ladies Double Collar Zipped Coat
    Ladies Double Collar Aran Zipped Coat
  3. The Kenmare Aran Cardigan
    The Kenmare Aran Cardigan
    Was £129.95 Now £114.95
  4. Women's Malone Aran Sweater
    The Malone Aran Cardigan
  5. The Glencar Waterfall Cardigan
    The Glencar Waterfall Cardigan
  6. Ladies Annaghmore Aran Cardigan
    Ladies Annaghmore Aran Cardigan
  7. The Glandore Aran Hoodie
    The Glandore Aran Hoodie
    Was £138.95 Now £83.95
  8. The Killala Aran Vest
    The Killala Aran Vest
    Was £168.95 Now £101.95
  9. Women's Hand Knit Aran Zipper Cardigan
    Women's Hand Knit Aran Zipper Cardigan
    Was £337.95 Now £247.95
  10. The Dunree Hand Knit Aran Lumbar
    The Dunree Hand Knit Aran Lumbar
  11. Ladies Forest Green Moher Aran Cardigan
    Women's Moher Aran Cardigan
  12. The Ashford Hand Knit Aran Cardigan
    The Ashford Hand Knit Aran Cardigan
  13. Women's Malin Hand Knit Aran Cardigan
    Women's Malin Hand Knit Aran Cardigan
  14. The Roundstone Cardigan
    The Roundstone Cardigan
    Was £198.95 Now £99.95
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Womens Aran Cardigans

Save Up To 40% Off Now

Prepare to step out in style with our stunning range of womens Irish cardigans. We have something to suit every taste, from the classic boyfriend cardigan to our best-selling Aran hooded zipper.

Beautifully crafted from the finest yarns of super-soft merino and luxurious cashmere blends, you’re sure to find the perfect winter warmer or light summer layer. 

Choose a hand knit from the shores of the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal, a cozy Aran coatigan to keep out the winter chill, or turn heads with the DarylK cardigan, designed exclusively for The Irish Store by the New York fashion designer.

If you’re looking for the perfect women’s Aran cardigan or Fisherman cardigan or womens cardigan sweaters with pockets, look no further than The Irish Store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aran Knit Cardigans For Women

Are Aran knit cardigans fashionable?

Throughout the decades, the Aran sweater and cardigans have remained both timeless and fashionable. Its stylish and comfortable fit embodies Irish culture. The Aran cardigan is named after the Aran Islands, which are located off the west coast of Ireland and are made from 100% wool.

What do the stitches used in Aran knitting represent?

The stitches on both the Aran sweaters and cardigans hold many meanings and are part of a grand storytelling tradition. The cable, which represents a fisherman's ropes, is the most popular Aran stitch. The wish for safety and good fortune at sea is symbolized by the cable stitch. The diamond stitch represents fisherman's mesh nets and is a symbol for wealth and success. The tree of life stitch symbolizes the right of passage, when going through life's big changes.

Are Aran cardigans good quality?

Some Aran cardigans are hand knitted in Ireland and are traditionally produced from pure merino wool. They are high-quality and fashionable options that will last longer than synthetic fibres and are comfy to wear all year. Whatever aran cardigan or sweater you choose you are investing in great quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

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